Karolina Konnect Artist Slot

3353 Salem Church Rd., Goldsboro

Dj Coco Filipina of Hot 97.9 FM in North Carolina will be hosting Karolina Konnect for black Friday alongside Bellie Bando and Vii of Promotion Phatboy and Phatgirl Entertainment. Karolina Konnect is an entrepreneur event catered to artists, exotic dancers, and vendors while still providing catered food, drinks, cash prizes, opportunities in entertainment for artists, and more! This is how Bellie Bando gives back to her fanbase in the ENC 1-2 times a month and always includes special guests that can bring substance to the artists that perform. Performance slots are 50$. Vendors/Dancers/Artists with questions and concerns about how to be a part of this event or future events please Send Instagram DM: 'Karolina Konnect Potential' to: @belliebando_promo or TEXT: 'Karolina Konnect Potential' to 910-999-7059.